Flame free seamless solutions for roofs,balconies & walkways

London Seamless Flat Roofing Ltd are a company that work with the latest technological developments in the roofing industry.Operating mostly in London and in the southeast of England.We distinguish ourselves in the market by specialising in the no-flame waterproofing method.We  work with companies with a global reputation and we are able to deliver high-quality,high-performance work for our clients.

We are approved contractor by:

                                                           Sika Liqud Plastic https://gbr.liquidplastics.sika.com/

                                                           Sika Sarnafil https:/gbr.sarnafil.sika.com

                                                           Bauder https://bauder.co.uk

                                                           Triflex https://Triflex.co.uk

                                                           IKO https://ikogroup.co.uk

                                                           Garland https://garlandukltd.co.uk

                                                           Kemper System https://kemper-system.com/UK/eng/

                                                           Polyroof   https;//polyroof.co.uk

                                                           WestWood Kunststofftechnik GmbH https:/westwood-uk.com

                                                           Protesus Waterproofing https://protesuwaterproofing.co.uk

                                                           Centaur Technologies Limited //centaurroofing.co.uk





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